3D and 2D works – misc

I modeled and textured both characters for use in a Next Gen Magazine cover image.

Mockup for a Next Gen Magazine Cover. This was a fun model to create incorporating Mario in an X wing. Unfortunately we had to swap out a more generic fighter pilot at the last minute.

I modeled these airplane assets for use in Microsoft's Flight Sim: A Century of Flight. I really enjoyed bringing these planes to life, down to the smallest detail.

Two more of my favorite airplane models. I love the challenge of working on assets like these.

Here i got the chance to model and texture a historically accurate Curtiss Jenny.
It is always exciting to work within limits to deliver quality visuals.

These are existing in game models that I painted textures with multiple variants for use in Microsoft Flight Sim: A Century of Flight. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and recreating these historically accurate airplanes.

Here are two more liveries I created for an existing model of a Mooney Bravo airplane. I worked closely with a local team of artists and coordinated with Microsoft to deliver quality assets with tight deadlines.

Exploring looks for the Red Ninja character. During my time at Big Sesh Studios, I focused on 3d modeling a variety of characters, vehicles, and environments for a variety of uses. This ranged from in game assets to high poly assets used for marketing materials.

Modeled and texture the General Lee for a magazine advertisement.

series of quick zbrush sculpts exploring alien heads. The last image was a visualization of the Professor Genki character with his skin removed.


3D and 2D work – Various