Stephen Quirk


Experienced Senior Environment Artist-
currently Project Art Director @ Volition-Inc.

My Linkedin Profile

I have over 10 years experience in the video game industry.
I'm dedicated, passionate, and detail oriented.
I'm currently working at Volition Inc as Art Director.
I have worked on several shipped titles including:

Saints Row The Third
On Saints Row the Third, I served as the lead interior artist.
I led a team of several artists to deliver high quality visuals and solid game play.
I worked closely with the Art Director to create impressive, cohesive, and expressive environments.
Every day offered a new challenge, and I worked closely with the Core Technology Group to improve our tools and pipelines for generating and improving the environment art.
I worked closely with design, creating a modular set of building blocks for designers to utilize in creating initial levels.
These assets allowed for quick iteration in layout and flexibility in incorporating early play testing feedback.

Saints Row 2

  • For Saints Row 2, I was promoted to a Lead Artist position in charge of coordinating a city team.
  • I was responsible for coordinating 5 artists to deliver interiors, structures, and terrain art for several neighborhoods within the city of Stilwater.
  • This included diverse areas such as a high end hilly suburbs expansion, a run down trailer park that featured inspired junk yard art, a Marina hotel strip complete with a Pirate ship, and a secret Nuke Plant island.
  • I always strive to focus on how the environment looks as well as how it plays. When working on an open world game such as Saints Row, I focus on telling a story and providing fun ways to interact with the environment. This includes visual Easter eggs, awesome vehicle jumps, and engaging game play moments.
  • I also coordinated with outsourcing and prepared job sheets for contracting a large volume of assets.
  • During the process, quality became a concern with some of the outsourced assets. I flew to Shanghai, China to work directly with the outsource company for a week to troubleshoot the process.
  • Working directly with the outsourcing artists, I set up a new review process and checklist system to streamline the pipeline and minimize turnaround.
  • In addition, I provided visual examples and on site art direction to get everyone back on schedule and delivering the expected quality.

Saints Row

  • I came on board during early development on Saints Row and became a key member of the world building team, quickly learning the tools and pipelines and taking ownership of key assets.

Contributed Assets for the following games:
The Outfit
The Movies
Microsoft Flight Sim: A Century of Flight
Microsoft Combat Flight Sim series.

Assets for marketing and PR

I began my video game career in Austin, Texas at Acclaim Studios.
I was a member of the Dynamic Imaging Group responsible for creating high poly models and renders for use in marketing.
After Acclaim, I became a founding member of Big Sesh Studios. While there I expanded my skill base and created assets used for in game art, magazine covers, packaging, etc.

Some of the assets i created include:
models and textures for Crash Bandicoot.

Next Gen Magazine
and many others.


  • 3d Modeling
  • Environment Art
  • Characters
  • Vehicles
  • Texturing
  • Art Direction
  • Outsource managing


  • 3D Studio Max
  • Photoshop
  • ZBrush
  • Crazybump
  • Volition's CTG World Editor