Saints Row the Third

Modeled, textured, and lit a bodega interior for Saints Row the Third.
Setting a visual bar for density and style.

The bodega served to set the visual bar for density and level of detail.
All textures were hand painted and adhered to a strict color palette to establish cohesion.

In game brands were chosen to embody the mom and pop store celebrating a working class industrial city.

The cargo plane was featured in the 2nd mission of Saints Row the Third. I worked closely with the design team to deliver a solid introduction to the new city of Steelport.

Modeled and Textured the cabin area of the plane for Saints Row the Third. This wide aisle served as a tutorial area to introduce melee combat. The color palette is matched to the Syndicate gang that has kidnapped the player and declared war on the Saints.

In addition to density and using a strict color palette, visual Easter eggs were also a focus.
Here a TV screen features clips from the opening cinematic from Saints Row 2.
In addition the *Cabbit makes a return in the overhead compartment.

*The Cabbit has appeared in many Volition games, including Summoner and the Saints Row series.

The virtual reality of Decker Cyberspace. This environment was inspired by flowing circuits and moving energy lines. The flowing lines served to guide the player through the environment. I also incorporated the blue gang colors of the Deckers and worked with a complimentary color scheme bringing in orange to make the enemies pop out at the player.

Another view of the starting vista of the cyberspace level. The level wraps around the central ring of towers where the final boss resides.

I worked with the art director and design to deliver the Murderbrawl Arena featured in Saints Row the Third.
I handled final set dressing, creation of signage, the led screens and bloody details.

A S.T.A.G cargo plane hauling some dangerous technology served as a set piece for a key mission in Saints Row the Third.

A view towards the restricted access area aboard the S.T.A.G. cargo plane.

Kenzie's sanctum was an abandoned warehouse converted to a secret hideout for one of the main story characters of Saints Row the Third. From this warehouse the player was able to "jack-in" to the cyberspace level.

The upper floor area of Kinzie's sanctum.

Modeled and Textured the Decker's hideout Stronghold for Saints Row the Third.
I worked with designers to tweak the final layout, and deliver a solid game play experience.

A view towards the Decker's prized "Nemo Chair", a highly sought after piece of technology.

Upper catwalks of the Decker stronghold, accessing the control panels at the nerve center.

Tattoo shop props created to establish visual style for Rusty's Needle, a tattoo shop in Saints Row the Third.


I worked as the Lead Interior Artist for Saints Row the Third.
I led a team of 5 artists to deliver high quality locations for the city of Steelport.

I also worked with outsourcing providing art direction.

3d Art, texturing, Art Direction